Mobile Web Development

People are slowly moving away from laptops and personal computers. Mobility is the new mantra. People want to be able to do everything on the go. For this reason mobile phones have quickly become the preferred tool of choice for connecting to the internet and getting most things done. These days it is possible to make purchases, book tickets, conduct banking and keep in touch with all your loved ones from within your mobile phones. Mobile phones are becoming more powerful and capable by the day. People use mobile phones to access the web more than their laptops. For businesses, this growing shift towards the mobile devices means that they need to optimise their websites for mobile phones.

Mobile phones typically have small screens and slower data connections than laptops. It is therefore necessary that websites be configured to display an optimized version whenever they are accessed on mobile phones. Not only does this make the websites more user friendly and easy to use, it also decreases the overall loading time of the websites and customers have to wait less to use their services. Mobile phones, if properly utilized, are a powerful medium to connect with any service worldwide while on the move. Most organizations would want to reach their customers instantly with their products and services, thus it becomes increasingly important to have experts who can optimise websites for mobile devices.

At OnDemand , we are intimately familiar with the secrets of mobile web application development, Augment reality ,user experience UX/UI design, and especially, with all issues that UI implementation usually cause that working with mobile phones present

Dealing with the difference in screen size of a PC and a phone
Incompatibility of the layouts and format of all the web pages on the Internet with mobile devices
Optimization of web content to make loading of websites faster for mobile phones

We create websites optimized smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry which are flawlessly rendered in all major phone browsers like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Dolphin, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Firefox Mobile, Sky fire, and Microsoft IE for Mobile etc.

OnDemand ’s Technical Expertise with Mobile Web Development

At OnDemand , we provide compatible mobile web applications which will be displayed exactly as they are meant to be rendered on a wide variety of Smartphone’s that are available today. We create content for iPhones and ensure that Flash Content is rendered using HTML5 since iOS doesn’t support Flash.

Our Suite of Mobile Web Development Solutions Has the Following Items:

Adaptation of regular websites for mobile users
Mobile based commerce services
HTML 5 based mobile application and website development
Social networking sites and apps implementation for Smartphone’s
Custom mobile websites for businesses

Our team of experienced mobile developers works with multiple programming languages and the latest technologies to provide you with the very best solutions for your business. We make an effort to keep up with the latest shifts in the technology and use the latest tools that are available to deliver only the best services to you.

Languages: HTML5, Java, C, Objective-C, J#
Platforms: Android, iPhones (iOS6), Blackberry and Windows OS7 Phone
Mobile Browsers: Google Chrome for Mobile, Firefox Mobile, Apple Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Sky Fire

HTML5 is the new standard for HTML. It isn’t dependent on Flash for interactive content. Websites created using HTML5 render the same on different browsers and there is no need for creating separate websites for iPhones which do not support Flash. Many features of HTML5 have been built with the consideration of being able to run on low-powered devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets.

Getting Your Business Future Ready With Mobile Optimized Content

Mobile websites are commonplace today. Everyone knows the anguish of trying to use a website on their phones and finding out that the business doesn’t have a mobile version of their websites Not only does it make the website look unattractive, it is also hard to use and reduces customer who often use only their mobile phones to connect to the internet. A major benefit of having mobile optimized websites is that you don’t need an app for every platform. Mobile websites can be deployed on all platforms simultaneously with minimal effort and are an easy way to make your services available to your customers on Smartphone’s without needing to shell out money for app development in case you’re a new company.

At OnDemand , we understand your need for a mobile website that works across hundreds of different phones that are available today, each having their own specifications. We create content that renders the same on all devices and provides a sense of uniformity to your business. We employ the latest technologies to offer you a solution that is perfect for you.

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