E-commerce or electronic commerce is the process of buying or selling something over the internet. It is a rapidly emerging market globally and has much potential for growth. As more and more people are gaining access to the internet and mobile devices that are connected to the internet are getting common place, conducting business online is a new avenue where a few have already succeeded. E-commerce is currently a 200 billion dollar industry and it is still rapidly growing.

At OnDemand , we design e-commerce solutions that you require. We will help you choose the optimal solution for your business and then build it up to your specifications. We have an experienced group of developers who specialize in creating e-commerce websites. We create robust and flexible e-commerce websites which include extensive search engine optimization and Digital marketing tools that increase your online sales.

OnDemand ’s Expertise With E-commerce

At OnDemand , we have compiled a package of tools that make developing of e-commerce websites an extremely streamlined process. We handle everything from creating the website to providing you a payment gateway of your choice. We have an experienced staff well versed with the popular e-commerce development frameworks. The most common e-commerce frameworks that we use are

Os Commerce
Open Cart
Zen Cart

We design professionally customized design layouts that are made specific to your requirements. We also offer support for multiple payment gateways and ensure the highest standards of security.

Some of the Services that We Offer are

Payment processing
Search function for your inventory catalogue
Content Management
Customized design
Shopping Cart
Order Management
Security implementation for customer records

Payment gateways are provided by banks and third party vendors for a fee. They allow a consumer to book an item online and pay for it electronically using their credit cards. These payment gateways are highly secure and utilize enterprise scale security and encryption to ensure that credit card information is never leaked.

E-commerce websites usually have a huge catalogue of products. There needs to some sort of searching mechanism for finding the product that the consumer is looking for. Products are usually divided into several categories to make sorting and searching shorter. J Query is the preferred method for searching products with databases that are average in size.

Design is an important aspect of any website. An e-commerce website needs to look professional and yet simple. We have a dedicated team of designers who will design the site as per your requirements.

Shopping cart is a common name for the system that keeps track of all the items that you want to purchase and their quantity while you browse other items. Shopping carts are a common feature of e-commerce websites and have a familiar and intuitive design.

There needs to be detailed record of all the products that were ordered, billing information, payments made, orders cancelled, payments refunded, shipment status of products and their tracking information. These records need to be constantly updated and securely stored.

E-commerce websites usually offer a customer to store partial banking information like credit card numbers or bank account numbers on the website for future convenience. They also save their names, phone numbers, billing addresses and email ids. This information is highly confidential and a company that can’t keep this info secure will not only fail as a successful business venture, it will also face numerous litigation charges by consumers whose information got leaked and caused them monetary harm. Thus it is of utmost importance to securely store this information in encrypted archives.

Take Your Business Online With Our Expertise in E-commerce

It is easy to start your own online business or expand your business e-commerce. It opens up new avenues for you and is easier and cheaper to set up than conventional business models. It is a growing industry where new e-commerce sites are emerging every day. Get a head start on your dreams and become a successful entrepreneur.

Advantages of E-commerce

Vast consumer base.
Customer records are electronic and easy to manage.
The middle man is eliminated, reducing costs.
Cheap to implement and maintain compared to the traditional business model.
Overcome Geographical Limitations.
Eliminate Travel Time and Cost.
Provide Comparison Shopping.
Open 24 x 7.
Customizable delivery features.
Testimonials/ product reviews help you know how to make the service better.
No need to set up a physical office. Can work out of warehouses.
Easy to start and manage a business.

At OnDemand , we have the technical proficiency to turn your dreams into a reality. We create e-commerce websites exactly as per our client’s specifications and turn into a streamlined solution that work flawlessly. Our groups of developers have extensive experience of creating and managing e-commerce websites and use this experience to create best in the market products that are in your budget.

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